Welcome to Open Source City

Open Source City takes place this summer through a diverse range of partnerships and in venues across Liverpool.

We kicked off with an event with Opencurateit at FACT supported by OpenLabs and How Why DIY on Tuesday 12th June 2012 more here

Up next is our support of OggCamp and the Open Hardware Jam on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th August 2012 at the Art and Design Academy at Liverpool John Moores University so click here to find out more and get booking!

Breaking news is that Etienne Gernez Academic Co-ordinator at Protei will be talking over Skype at Oggcamp about their Open Source Sailing drone project which has to be one of the coolest open hardware projects out there. It's part of Ross Dalziel and Amanda Steggell's Currently.no project, a research group between Liverpool and Oslo developing open responses to the marine sciences. Also look out for the Liverpool WikiHouse and representations from RaspberryPi, the RepRap community, Nanode, 8bit computing with Fignition, DoES Liverpool, 3D Printing, Open Textiles and a mini Crazy Golf Hack!

The use of the term open source is being extended across society, technology and culture, not just to describe a form of software or hardware. We want to explore this and we think Liverpool is the city to do it.

Open Source City is a platform for the celebration of the open sharing of creative and disruptive thinking, information and technology use to change the way our world works. Its for hobbyists, experts, artists, technologists, thinkers and makers, both radical and conservative. We want this to be the first step in making a permanent supportive platform for the amazing stuff that already happens in the city that has some connection to the idea of open information. So open data, open source software, open hardware, open collaboration, open source swan pedalos; the open meme in all its forms.

It's about sustaining discussion, art and activity in the city and sharing it on a public platform.

Open Source City was originally a weekend micro-festival of open source sound & media practice for the 2008 Liverpool City of Culture Programme organised by SoundNetwork and folly